City Building RV Dump to Attract RVers

May 23, 2011 by   - () Comments Off on City Building RV Dump to Attract RVers

The city of Kimberly, Idaho, has just been approved for a $330,000 RV disposal grant, KMVT-TV, Kimberly, reported.

The city is matching that with the land.

They will now start the process of building an RV disposal site and RV parking site at the corner of Monroe and Ash streets.

Kimberly’s mayor said this will be an important addition to the city.

“This gives them the opportunity, a place to come in close to the highway right here coming through Kimberly,” said Mayor David Overacre. “They can take care of their needs, as well as, we kind of plan on bringing them through town and asking them to take the sidewalks we want to provide to them here. We want them to come in, see what our town is a little bit about, and the opportunities we have here for service, such as food and so forth.”

The city hopes to have the site completed by the end of this year.


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