Disaster Over, County to Close Makeshift RV Park

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“Not so fast,” is what county commissioners, in effect, told Community Recovery Action Team (CRAT) representatives Tom Corns and Randy Kelly at Friday’s (April 29) commission meeting after the two disclosed they had plans to donate funds derived from an RV park in Greensburg, Kan., to the local Boy Scouts and 4-H related county fairgrounds.

The park was set up shortly after the 2007 tornado with funds received in a community grant to allow volunteers somewhere to stay for a mere $10 a day while doing relief work in the storm-ravaged town. Corns and Kelly had been asked to meet with commissioners to discuss the park’s future, the Kiowa County Signal reported.

Disclosing at one point that $25,832 was in an account at his bank in connection with the park, Corns said he and Kelly were wondering whether the commission wanted to keep the park open. Kelly said that while he and Corns were near the point of giving half that total to the Scouts, “no check has been cut yet.”

The commissioners then went into executive session with County Counselor Dawn Hayse, and they emerged to announce they were planning to close the park, especially since volunteer volume is down and they are open to legal liability in connection with its operation because of it being located on county property.

While all three commissioners said they were comfortable with the $25k being dispersed to the Scouts and 4-H they first needed to check with the county’s auditor as to how best go about that matter due to the money being the county’s, and county not being able to directly donate funds until its control.

“I don’t understand how it’s the county’s funds,” Kelly said at one point.

“Because it’s on county property is the main reason,” Hayse said. “Look, I don’t hear the commission (saying) they disagree with your plans for dispersing that money, but they want to check with our auditor first to be sure of the right way to handle this.”

Commissioner John Unruh’s motion to close the park and defer disbursement of the affiliated funds until the auditor’s input is received was passed unanimously.


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