High Water Fouls Western Kentucky Campgrounds

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The campgrounds around Bowling Green, Ky., don’t look like campgrounds, parking lots are filled with water and the beach is now water front property.

Yet at Rough River Lake the water level is still bringing people out, WBKO-TV, Bowling Green, reported.

“This has never happened here before. You know it’s amazing to see. It’s crazy, how bad it’s flooding up here and it’s still raining,” Leeanna Compton said.

She drove almost 20 miles to check out the river’s spillway because for the first time ever water is flowing through it.

Even though the site is something to see for the people in these parts, the rain is something they wouldn’t mind seeing less of.

“Yes. We’re tired of it. Everyone, we just want it to go away and stop. It don’t stop, it’s not stopping,” Compton said.

John Chapman has been around the lake since the 1960s and says he has also, obviously, never seen the water this high but says some things you can’t control.

“It’s mother nature and you just have to deal with it and life goes on,” he said.

The Army Corp of Engineers says once the flooding finally recedes it will still take a while for the campgrounds and other facilities to become operational.

“The thing’s we’re going to have to face is damage to the campsites. Damage to the electric and all the water lines, utilities. Damage to the structures. Once the water starts receding, we won’t be able to bang open everything up it’s going to take a while to do clean up and repairs,” Army Corp Park Manager Diane Stratton said.

They are also asking lake users to use caution on the water.

“If you are out there in a boat, be very cautious there are a lot of floating logs and that type of debris a lot of floating trash. Use a lot of caution and please whatever you do, it is not safe to be skiing out there,” she said.

And the corp of engineers want to encourage people to come out and look at the lake and spillway for themselves, but say if you do so use caution and pay attention to the traffic on the road and absolutely no boats on the spillway.


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