Hoosier Park Remains Open During Storm Cleanup

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Sunday night storms hit Pla-Mor Campground near Bremen, Ind., leaving two campers destroyed and another flipped on its side.

On Monday (May 23), campers went through the debris to salvage what they could, WNDU-TV, South Bend, reported.

“Our granddaughter’s Mickey Mouse made it through OK,” said Doris Smeltzer as she surveyed the damage.

Doris and her husband, Ray, both left the campgrounds during the storm. When they returned, they found their camper destroyed.

“I never anticipated anything like this happening, it’s completely wiped out, I mean there is nothing left,” said Ray Smeltzer.

Residents said the storm came through quickly and made its presence known.

“I was looking out the sliding glass door all of a sudden I saw the roof flying off the top of the barn over there. There were pieces of steel above the trees and about that time the trailer started shaking where I am at over here and we just ducked down and rode it out,” said Don Mort, who witnessed the storm at Pla-Mor.

Some campers with weather radios left the area before the storms hit, but left their campers behind.

“Thank goodness we did (leave). We are out here today trying to get what we can from our camper. These are our home videos, our DVDs that we had just made and were able to salvage and so we feel fortunate for not being in the camper and for being able to keep these, they are important to our family,” said Lynnette Thomas, whose camper was also destroyed.

While Thomas has insurance to cover the loss, the Smeltzers do not. Ray said his company stopped insuring campers at the end of last season and he forgot to find a new insurance company.

The owners of Pla-Mor said the storms only impacted a small area of the campgrounds, so they will remain open during the clean-up and reservations for Memorial Day weekend will not be impacted.


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