Jackson Hole Resort Wants to Add 71 Park Models

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Jackson Hole Campground

Heading into a hearing scheduled today (May 17) about using parked trailers instead of hosting RVs at his Jackson Hole Campground, Jamie Mackay said the venture will use “green” elements such as wind power and will reduce fuel consumption by more than 680,000 gallons annually at his Wyoming resort.

Mackay announced the changes in a news release this week, the Jackson Hole News and Guide reported.

The Teton County Board of Commissioners is expected to review Mackay’s proposal during a meeting today in chambers at 200 S. Willow St.

“The (green) initiatives will work to produce a more sustainable lodging/camping option at the Jackson Hole Campground,” the release states. “Owners look forward to joining the ranks of other sustainable businesses in Teton County.”

Mackay seeks to place up to 71 cabin-like rental trailers on his west bank campground. The recreational park trailers would sit on sites currently designated for RVs. The trailers would either be parked permanently or for months at a time. Stays would be would be limited to 30 days.

Though they look like cabins, federal standards dictate that the trailers be built on a single chassis, measure 400 square feet or less and be able to be towed by a light-duty truck.

Just days before the hearing, Mackay said the trailers are part of his new “Green Camping” initiative, a major component of the campground’s efforts to improve and evolve.

For example, use of the trailers would reduce fuel consumption by 687,635 gallons and carbon dioxide emissions by 8,245 tons per year, according to a study of 506 random RV guests during summer 2010.

Additionally, Mackay said he aims to use 100% purchased wind power, and he plans to reclaim unnecessarily disturbed areas on the property by seeding or sodding with native grasses and to plant 100 new trees on the site.

“The trees will be placed mostly along the border of the property in a continued effort to shelter and privatize the property from adjacent properties and homes,” the release states. “This will benefit both neighbors and guests alike.”

If commissioners approve the trailers, Mackay hopes to use Gold Level TRA Green Certified Recreational Park Trailers, the release states.

Other parts of the initiative include membership in 1% for the Tetons, which collects money from member businesses and distributes the funds as grants to groups working on regional sustainability issues, and the U.S. Green Building Counsel, the release states.

There is a chance Mackay’s hearing will not be held today.

Husband and wife Dave Coon and Gail Jensen filed with Teton County an appeal of the county planning department’s “zoning compliance verifications” for the Jackson Hole Campground and Buffalo Valley RV Resort, which also proposed to use the park trailers.

Commissioners will decide today whether the couple has standing and the appeal can proceed.

Coon and Jensen want the campgrounds to pursue text amendments for their applications.


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