Neighbor Miffed by Treatment at RV Park Plan Hearing

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Editor’s Note: The following letter to the editor was written by Mary Pinkerton and was published in the Wayne (N.Y.) Post. It pertains to an ongoing campground dispute in her town of Walworth, N.Y.

Does this make sense? Despite numerous attempts to communicate with the Town of Walworth Planning Board about the proposed Twilight Valley RV Park, they have repeatedly ignored us. Gene Bavis, the current chairman, said they weren’t required to ask for or listen to input from the community.

The public hearing on April 11 was a farce. Mr. Bavis decreed at the beginning that we were allowed three minutes to speak. Our neighborhood group of 31 people have been waiting for more than a year to ask questions and give our input. We sent a letter to all Planning Board members the week before the hearing asking what the format would be so we could prepare. Mr. Bavis sent a reply the day of the hearing. He then had the audacity to cut people off when they reached three minutes, regardless of how important the topic was or how well researched and documented it was. The treatment we all received was unjust and unforgivable.

Mr. Bavis also decreed at the beginning of the meeting that responses should reference Section 151 of Walworth Code, the section that deals with Site Plans. Section 151-2, 151-16B and 151-16C reference “foster the harmonious development of the community,” “character as to harmonize with the neighborhood,” “preserve and enhance the appearance and beauty of the community” and “to avoid traffic congestion on any street,” “ sufficient to accommodate the amount and types of traffic generated by the proposed use, taking into account access to existing uses along the street an existing traffic.”

When it was time for my three minutes, Mr. Bavis did not allow me to read my statement about traffic impact as he decided the topic had nothing to do with the site plan. REALLY?

It’s obvious the Planning Board has decided to allow this project to proceed as long as the developers meet the letter of the law. It’s obvious that they don’t really care about changing the character of the neighborhood, and it’s obvious that the Walworth and Marion residents that have been ignored will not forget.


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