Nova Scotia Park Remains Closed 3rd Season

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For the third year in a row, the Trenton Park campgrounds in Trenton, Nova Scotia, will not open to the public. Major upgrades are needed and at the town council’s request, two committees have been formed to assess the park trails and campgrounds for upgrades, the New Glasgow News reported

“Since I became mayor, every year we have been looking to see what we can do for the park and what money is available to help with the trails and greenery and so on,” said Mayor Glen MacKinnon.

“In the last couple of years the green team has done a wonderful job in taking care of the park, but there are a number of infrastructure things that need to be done at the park in order to move forward with it to where we want it to be.”

Martin Bates, parks and recreation director for the town, said two committees have been formed with individuals and stakeholders with experience running campgrounds both privately and for the province. Bates said the committees are also seeking direction from Pictou Regional Development Association and the Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism.

“They are helping to provide support and helping us with a direction,” said Bates, adding the parties that are involved are there to ensure the right steps are taken to progress the park in the right way.

“As far as the campground we have to have a committee there to say what is the best way to operate the campground, what is the best business model,” said MacKinnon.

Bates said the plan will take time but will be all encompassing to account for the lifecycles of all the parks assets, like the swimming pool, which is 20 years old.

The committees are in their beginning stages and will meet again this week to discuss a plan.

“The vision for the park is quite simple,” said MacKinnon. “It is the central point of the community and a lot of different events that we have throughout the year. It’s a pride and joy for our town.”

Trenton Park is 565 acres with six kilometres of walking trails, two kilometres of mountain bike trails, several manmade ponds, an outdoor swimming pool and a 46-site campground.


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