Ozark Flooding Costs to Reach into the Millions

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Recent flooding will certainly carry financial impact throughout the Ozarks for some time? How much? Where?

Many answers aren’t known, the Springfield, Mo,. News-Leader reported.

Some estimates have been made, however, and officials are still assessing the damage. Some entities may qualify for federal assistance, which will be determined in coming weeks.

Here are some comments and numbers from officials in some of the hardest hit lake areas south of Springfield.

U.S. Army Corps

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials will not know the extent of damage to Corps facilities until the water recedes.

But when Table Rock Lake reached 933 feet in 2008 (two feet lower than this year) it caused $7 million worth of damage to Corps property, according to Table Rock Lake Manager Greg Oller.

On Lake Taneycomo:

Branson City officials said the flooding caused about $700,000 worth of damage to public facilities, although officials said that overtime costs could cause that number to increase.

The costs include:

  • $500,000 to repair parks, including Stockstill, Alexander and Sunset parks, and the Lakeside RV park.
  • $90,000 to repair damaged lift stations.
  • $20,000 in utility repairs associated with the lift stations.
  • $20,000 to repair water damage to city buildings, including paint and repairs of doors.

Hollister City Administrator Rick Ziegenfuss said the cost to the city would be about $50,000, including payroll, street repairs and equipment time.

He said that amount could rise if, after the water completely recedes, the city needs to clean debris from the mouth of Turkey Creek.

Rockaway Beach Mayor Larry Cline would not commit to estimating costs but said they could be “substantial.” He said flood water got into the wastewater treatment plant. In addition, the rain water damaged some roads as well as ditches that had been dug to replace water pipes, and caused erosion damage to a city park.

He also said the flood waters carried more silt into Lake Taneycomo, which will need to be dredged.

The Taney County Commission did not respond to a request for estimated flood damage costs.

On Bull Shoals Lake:

Forsyth City Supervisor Chris Robinson said flood damage to public facilities is limited to Shadowrock Park, which is completely submerged. He said the cost of repairing the park, not counting labor, will be about $10,000.

He said that much of the park consists of items that can either tolerate flooding, or can be removed in advance of the flood.

He said the city’s main concern now is a lift station that could be flooded as Bull Shoals continues to rise.

On Table Rock Lake:

Kimberling City Public Works Director Travis Tucker said the city received little damage from high water on Table Rock Lake.

He said it was limited to a couple of downed trees that had to be removed by city employees.

Stone County Presiding Commissioner Dennis Wood said the county has so far identified about $100,000 to $150,000 in road repairs caused by flooding.

He said four roads are still covered by water, so the receding lake could expose some additional costs in the future.


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