Park Owner Films Thief in Criminal Act

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In Pennsylvania’s Lycoming County a vandal repeatedly hits a campground breaking into a change machine and stealing money. The owner said he has caught the thief on security cameras, WNEP-TV, Moosic, reported.

Police said a man caught on surveillance video is to blame for stealing nearly $2,000 from the Riverside Campground in Montgomery.

“He’s a little older he should know better. If you stick your hands in the cookie jar enough sooner or later you are going to get caught. And I can’t wait until he gets caught,” said owner Rocky Sanguedolce, Riverside Campground.

The owner Rocky Sanguedolce said some one has been stealing money out of a change machine at the Riverside Campground Laundromat. He said the thief usually strikes in the early morning hours when no one is around, and has done this about 8 times within the past month. So, the owner decided to fight back. He installed a hidden camera inside the change machine.

“I was really upset. Then it got to the point of where it got ridiculous. I thought well we got robbed once. It won’t happen again, okay twice, this isn’t fun. After the sixth and seventh time I spent $2,000 on a top notch security system,” added Sanguedolce.

It worked. Sanguedolce said he caught the thief’s face on camera and hopes someone recognizes him and people who live on the campgrounds said they hope he is caught soon because the thefts have them on edge.

“It makes everybody uneasy. Its a family campground. Everybody needs to feel safe. Now we have to lock everything,” said camper Wayne Dunn.

“It’s not right. Everybody is scared to death now because they don’t know what is going to happen next what is going to get stolen from here. Pretty sad when you have to lock everything up,” said camper Patricia Anderson.


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