Poor Road Forces North Dakota RV Park to Close

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The Jamestown Campground in Jamestown, N.D., closed its doors Tuesday (May 10).

Not because customers lost interest, but because they couldn’t get there, said owner Jack Holbrook.

The Jamestown Campground is one of several businesses along 36th Street Southeast which says it suffers because the road leading to it is too poor to travel, The Jamestown Sun reported. The campground’s closure is expected to be temporary.

“We’re a lot of unhappy campers,” Holbrook said.

Thirty-sixth Street Southeast is the frontage road south of Interstate 94 just west of Jamestown. In addition to the businesses, about 13 residences are located there.

Holbrook said customers see the road and turn around, and patronize campgrounds in other cities or sometimes other states instead. Many of the campers who did make it in are now stranded. Postal workers no longer deliver mail. And the bus couldn’t make it Tuesday to pick up Holbrook’s granddaughter, Sierra Carr, a fifth-grader at Gussner Elementary.

“I don’t want to miss school because I’ll have a lot more homework the next day,” she said.

Difficult to navigate and sometimes even dangerous roads in Stutsman County are nothing new to residents here. Residents have voted against increasing taxes for county roads five times since 1988. But with high water levels this year, the roads situation is even worse, Holbrook said.

In fact, the Stutsman County Sheriff’s Department issued a travel alert for rural township and county roads Monday. Motorists can still travel, but due to the recent rains, the already saturated gravel roads are soft and slippery, according to Sheriff Chad Kaiser. The roads should be used for necessary travel only, he said.

Several of Holbrook’s campers have gotten stuck driving into the campground. Charlie and Joyce Ive of Vancouver Island, Canada, for example, were stuck for more than three hours Monday. They want to return to their travels, but fear their camper will get stuck again.

Thirty-sixth Street Southeast, or “campground road” as it is commonly referred to, actually belongs to Woodbury Township. So it’s the responsibility of that jurisdiction to maintain it.


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