Southern Washington City Braces for Floodwaters

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Major flooding of the Yakima River is now expected for Benton City, Wash., this week, KEPR-TV, Pasco, reported.

Benton County emergency officials say it could get as bad as it was in 2009 when dozens of homes were damaged.

Back then, one of the hardest hit areas was near the Beach RV Park.

KEPR spoke to people living there on Monday and when we arrived we found several people checking the river levels.

One couple even started moving out and we ran into one man, Larry Morrision, who says he just moved his RV there on Sunday. And now it looks like he may have to move again.

Up the street, Ken Swallow says he can handle 2009 river levels, but not the levels from 1996 when water actually went into his house.

“I had some renters here and they actually had to evacuate and then I had to come fix the house so they could move back in,” Swallow said. “They had the whole area shut down. The Red Cross was here.”

As of Monday afternoon, the river was running at just below 10 feet. Thirteen feet is considered flood stage.

The Yakima River is expected to get to 16 feet by Wednesday morning before falling throughout the week.


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