Storm Blows Camper Off Her Feet

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People in Chamberlain, S.D., are cleaning up after powerful storms rolled through central South Dakota Sunday night (May 8).

One of the hardest hit areas was on the campgrounds of the Cedar Shore Resort where strong winds not only blew over several campers, but also swept one woman right off her feet. She may have been seriously hurt or worse if not for her husband who literally grabbed her out of the air, KELO-TV, Sioux Falls, reported.

Teri and Jerry Meyer will never forget Sunday night’s storms and their destructive power. They’re holding hands now, but Sunday night, Jerry was holding his wife by her feet to save her.

“The wind caught her and picked her up and was blowing her away and I had to grab her and pull her out of the air,” Jerry said.

The Meyers, who manage the campground, had been watching the forecast all day and had been warning campers to take cover. But as Teri was trying to seek shelter, she got caught in it.

“As I went to unlock my car door to get in, the boat came off the ground so I knew it wasn’t safe to be there. So I came between the boat and the fence thinking I was going to the bathroom, which is our other safe area and as I came here the wind caught me and threw me, I ended up by the tree,” Teri said.

Weather forecasters say winds topped 70 mph, tipping over campers and blowing out windows on vehicles.

“This is what’s left of our golf cart that we use to check on campers,” Teri said. “That’s the canopy roof of it and the golf cart is under there some place.”

Because it was a Sunday night, most of the weekend campers had already gone home. But now the Meyers are left with a lot of damage to clean up to the place they call home.

“This stuff is all replaceable; women, wives and lives aren’t so thankful for that,” Jerry said.

The Meyers say even though there is damage to clean up, they will be open for business today.


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