Tents for Troops Will Be at ‘The Rally’

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Tents for Troops will be promoting its program at the Good Sam Rally in Redmond, Ore., in July.

“I cannot tell you how elated I am,” Charlie Curry, Tents for Troops founder, stated in a news release. “Not only is this a fantastic opportunity for us but it brings me back to the place I called home for over 20 years.”

“While at The Rally, we hope to have the chance to say hello to each and every person attending and hope that you will all help us in spreading the word about Tents for Troops. More than likely each and every one of us has a connection to someone actively serving in our country’s military right now,” Curry added..

To join the effort that provides free camping sites to active military, visit Tents for Troops only asks that parks commit to giving two sites for two nights, based on availability.

Curry explained that Tents for Troops “is not political in any way, If you are for war or against war makes no difference, we are just trying to do something to help our troops. These troops have our backs 24/7 and we as park owners have a great chance here to say, ‘We appreciate what you do for us.'”

“The events of this week,” he said, referring to the killing of Osama Bin Laden at the hands of U.S. Navy Seals, “again demonstrate just how much our troops do for us. They have made the world a safer place for us all. Let’s show them we care by offering them an RV or campsite for free. Remember Freedom is not free but we can certainly make RV sites free.”

For further information on Tents for Troops visit their website or call the Toutle River RV Resort at (360) 274-7915 and ask for Charlie.


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