Bear Sighting Closes Utah Campground

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Springville, Utah, has closed a park and campground after a young bear was spotted several times in the area.

Kelly’s Grove Park in Hobble Creek Canyon was shut down Sunday (June 5) and bear warning signs were posted, Fox 13, Salt Lake City, reported.

“We were actually outside swinging on a tire swing and the bear came up, so we rushed everyone into the cabin. It was kind of freaky until we got into the cabin, then we got in and it was cool. It was just cool to watch the bear,” says Austin Houtz, whose family was visited by the bear Memorial day and again on Sunday.

The family says the bear was not aggressive and appeared to be looking for food. It licked their barbeque grill a few times and was later scared off by the family clapping loudly.

State wildlife officials says the bear is a Level 1, meang it is not displaying aggresive behavior. However, they say that the frequency of sightings near populated areas is a reason for concern.

“Even though it is cute as a dog, it’s wildlife. You never know what a bear will do,” says Division of Wildlife Resources manager Scott Root. Root says that when bears “start relying on humans” that they have to move the animal deeper into the backcountry.

DWR says the bear is a cub, just over a year old that should be able to fend for itself in the wild.

Springville says the park and campground will open after the bear is trapped and moved,


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