Border Patrol/Drug Cartel Shootout Near Texas RV Park

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Click here to watch a video, courtesy of KGBT-TV, Harlingen, Texas, about the shootout on Thursday near Chimney Park RV Resort.

Law enforcement agents experienced a shootout near Chimney Park RV Resort on the Rio Grande Thursday morning.

Investigators said it all happened while they were trying to intercept a load of illegal drugs.

And although it could be a scary and dangerous sight, one resident at the RV park said it doesn’t scare him.

Chimney Park residents said its inevitable the violence from Mexico will spill over, but Earl Taylor said that doesn’t scare him.

“What’s the use to get scared. I’m too old anyway,” said Taylor.

At 76 years old, Earl has been living at Chimney Park since 1981, and he admits since then violence across the border and drug smugglings nearby have been on the rise.

“This does happen a few times and it don’t bother me a bit,” he said.

Taylor said he actually enjoys the action.

“I’m just tickled to death we got the army staying here all the time,” said Taylor.

He frequently tries to get a glimpse of the action on the Rio Grande.

“It’s interesting. We don’t have anything else to do,” said Taylor.

Early Thursday, several agencies worked a shootout near Chimney Park.

A Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) spokesperson said it all started with a suspicious vehicle on the American side of the Rio Grande.

They said the vehicle was near two cartel drug recovery boats and when three law enforcement patrol boats arrived on the scene, they were shot at from the Mexico side.

Authorities told Action 4 News that American law enforcement officials returned fire and at least three suspected drug runners were wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

But Earl said, the possibility of getting in the middle of crossfire won’t stop him from fishing at the park.

“Fishing is still good,” Taylor said. “I’m doing good fishing.”

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, FBI, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Mexican government are working closely to determine the complete circumstances of the shooting.


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