Campground Will Pay Restitution/Alter Practices

June 13, 2011 by   - () Comments Off on Campground Will Pay Restitution/Alter Practices

New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow announced today (June 13) that the state Division of Consumer Affairs has reached a settlement with a campground that allegedly used deceptive business practices, the Press of Atlantic City reported.

Driftwood Camping Resort, a Camp May County campground, allegedly failed to tell mobile home owners it would take half of the profit when their mobile home was resold, plus a 10 percent sales commission.

Driftwood agreed to pay $38,400 in restitution to five consumers and to pay restitution to additional customers who file complaints in the next 90 days unless it provides proof the residents had been previously notified about the terms of resale. In addition, Driftwood will provide written notice of all sales policies and fees in effect at the time of the sale to those selling a mobile home unit. The company can still charge commissions when consumers re-sell their mobile home units as long as the company has given each consumer notice of those commissions.

“This case underscores why consumers must get all contract terms in writing and then keep the contract and all addendums safe and secure,” Dow said. “The alleged failure of Driftwood to provide disclosure to consumers cost mobile home owners thousands of dollars when they resold their units.”

The consent order includes restitution for five consumers that ranges from $4,400 to $10,400. A total of $32,210.40 was assessed against Driftwood, with $17,210.40 to reimburse the state and $15,000 in civil penalties that is suspended but payable if Driftwood does not meet the terms of the agreement over the next 90 days.


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