Council OK’s RV Park for Scenic British Columbia Lake

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If approved by the agricultural land commission, the first RVs could be rolling on the historic Tranquille lands near Kamloops, British Columbia, as early as this summer.

On the advice of city planners, the Kamloops council backed a temporary permit to allow 115 RVs at the proposed Tranquille on the Lake development. The permit will also allow boat storage and a farmers market on the property for two years, The Daily News, Kamloops, reported.

But the proposal requires the land commission to allow the recreational vehicle park on farmland within the Agricultural Land Reserve.

The move comes as developers alter their plans for the proposed housing development at the east end of Kamloops Lake. They are ditching plans for a golf course and looking at other uses instead.

Developers are proposing a subdivision mixed with intensive farming and agri-tourism.

Developer Tim McLeod told the council the improvements will provide more public access to Cooney Bay.

Only Councillor Nancy Bepple opposed the change, arguing it is not the best long-term use for farmland.

“I think it would be difficult for me in the future to say ‘you’ve put in all this money, your permit has expired and, sorry, you have to rip it out.’”

Kamloops and District Fish and Game Association also opposed the permit, arguing development will threaten habitat along the Tranquille River. That habitat is home to the threatened Lewis’s woodpecker, among other species.

But the remainder of the council supported the RV park and other uses.

“It gives owners, operators and the community a chance to see if that (RV park) location works . . . . We have an opportunity to hear any issues,” said Councillor Pat Wallace

McLeod said if the changes are OK’d by the commission, some RV development could be done by later summer. The corporation says there will be no net loss to agriculture from the changes.

Trails and access to Lac Du Bois park will be promoted to tourists.


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