Evacuated Campers Return to Iowa Campground

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As Mother Nature bore down on Browns Lake near Salix, Iowa, last Monday night (June 20), James Uhl left his camper, not knowing what he would see the next day.

“We were preparing for the worst when we came in, ’cause we just thought that little tin can is probably crushed,” he told KTIV-TV, Sioux City after campers were allowed to return this past weekend. But his camper was unscathed, sitting there just the way it is,” said Uhl, a camper from Sioux City.

But it wasn’t the same story with the campsite.

“I couldn’t see 30 feet away from my camper and my friend couldn’t ours either,” said Uhl.

“The place looked like a warzone. Trees down everywhere,” said Harry Cornish a camper from Sioux City.

Almost immediately, crews came in to clear out the debris.

“Well we had all the guys from all the other parks in the county came and they worked real hard,” Robert Adair the camp host in Brown’s Lake.

After three days, the campsite is now open again. With some taking up sites almost immediately.

“Now we’re open, everything is safe. We hope all the campers decide to come back,” said Adair.

For the county, it was important to get the campsite up and running.

“It’ doesn’t matter what the weather is like. We have the flooding and everything, people still want to get out and relax,” said Adair.

“I’m still just amazed that they got it cleaned up as quickly as they did and what a good job they did. Dedicated people,” said Cornish.

And all those broken trees we mentioned they’re being put to good use.

“There’s a lot of small branches around but it’s free kindling for your firewood,” said Cornish.

For some folks the storms didn’t scare them from camping again.

“It’ll never scare us off from coming here. We’ll come here till were old and gray,” said Uhl.


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