Lake George Campground Attracts ‘Staycationers’

June 2, 2011 by   - () Comments Off on Lake George Campground Attracts ‘Staycationers’

It’s been a wet spring in New York to say the least, so it’s no surprise many New Yorkers are quick to take advantage of some patchy blue sky to camp. Erin Vannella of YNN-TV, Albany, reports from Lake George. Click here to watch a video on her report.

“It’s made it a little harder in a sense, a little more preparation work for us because of the weather,” said Riverview Campground owner Joe Soprano. “We got a little behind, but we caught up.”

So far so good, said Soprano, who despite a wet preseason, boasts a capacity crowd for opening weekend.

“I’m not sure anybody is closing down or not opening up, but some people are delayed,” said Soprano. “Here we’re lucky to have the high banks and the water receded faster than some other places.”

Memorial Day weekend has long been the unofficial start to camping season, but thanks to significant flooding in parts of the state, it almost wasn’t this year. Still, with high gas prices discouraging longer drives, camping remains an affordable option for many looking to get away.

“I don’t see any feedback right now on economy and camping,” said Soprano. “I don’t want to say it’s economy proof, but it is a good affordable vacation for people who are trying to stretch that dollar.”

It’s $28 to $45 a night at Soprano’s campground, enough but not too much he said, to help people put the rainy season behind them and enjoy the outdoors.

“We have some events this weekend,” said Soprano. “We’ll have a karaoke night and everybody have a couple drinks and they sing their little hearts out.”


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