Ontario City to Review Campground Operation

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A review of Beavermead Campground near Peterborough, Ontario, that could influence whether the city continues to use the property as a campground will include a public meeting June 22 to get feedback from the community, the Peterborough Examiner reported.

The review was recommended out of the Little Lake Master Plan, which the city completed last year. It will include a cost-benefit analysis of the campground. The next phase would be the development of a strategy to guide how the city should use the land.

Ashburnham Ward Councilor Keith Riel pointed out the city needs to invest in the campground to improve infrastructure such as servicing to campsites if it wants the facility to be successful.

The review will look at the fee structure for the campground, whether the city should be in the campground business and how the city could make it a self-sustaining service, Ashburnham Ward Councilor Len Vass said.

“It’s currently running a deficit of between $20,000 and $40,000,” he said. “We have to look at why we’re running a deficit in operating the facility.”

If the city wants to encourage tourism, it needs to provide the infrastructure to make parks usable, Vass said.

“If we’re looking for eco-tourists, then campgrounds are a premium and we’re certainly in a unique situation at Little Lake,” he said. “But we have to make a business case for it.”

Beavermead Campground is at Beavermead Park, on the southeast shore of Little Lake.

There were three seasonal campers that rented sites for the entire season last year, compared to 15 years ago when seasonal campers used about 70% of the 95 sites and transient campers used the remaining 30%, facilities and special projects manager Mary Gallop told the council in April.

The meeting will include some early findings from a survey of campground users and input from stakeholders in the community, the city states in a release.


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