RV Park and Campground Closures

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The following stories come from the nation’s media about RV park and campground closures.


From WBAY-TV, Green Bay, Wis.:

Part of a campground in Outagamie County is still flooded because of the swollen Wolf River.

Steve Pari, the owner of Rivers Edge Camping Resort in Leeman, says water levels have gone down some since Friday, but several of the campsites are still stuck in river water.

It’s not what he wants with a holiday weekend just around the corner.

“We’re scrambling now because we have all these sites are rented, so we’re making modifications, calling up campers, and seeing if we can consolidate a little bit, and everybody is cooperative,” Pari said.

Pari said he hasn’t had any cancellations so far.

Anyone who had reserved one of the flooded sites will instead set up camp on higher ground.


From KDRV-TV, Medford, Ore. Click here to watch a video of the following story:

Heavy snow in the Cascades this winter is good news for water managers planning for irrigation this summer.

It’s also presenting a challenge for managers at Crater Lake National Park, hoping to have roads and campgrounds ready for the holiday weekend ahead.

It may be the end of June, but there are still drifts up to 20 feet deep at Crater Lake National Park. Snowplows and bulldozers are working from both ends of the rim road to clear the scenic route as soon as possible.

There are other trails and facilities, including the boat rides that will be late opening this year following near record snowfall this winter and spring. To get the rim road open, a bulldozer gets some of the snow out of the way. Then a rotary plow does the rest. In this case, the new dozer is a diesel electric… something never tried before here.

Because of almost 300% of normal snowfall this year and drifts up to 20 feet deep in some places, it’s going to take a little bit longer to open some of the facilities, particularly out along the rim road. So, visitors to Crater Lake National Park will just have to be a little bit more patient.

Park Facilities Manager, Cheri Killam-Bomhard says it will probably be after July 20 before the boat rides on the lake are ready to go.

A project to replace bulkheads for the docks will get underway in a little over a week, and that needs to be in place before the boats can operate.


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