South Dakota Campgrounds Face Flood Threat

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While flooding is occurring on the upper and lower sections of the Missouri River in South Dakota, campgrounds in the midsection are in wait-and-see mode, The Daily Republic, Mitchell, S.D., reported.

Rob Brown, manager of American Creek Campground in Chamberlain, said Tuesday (May 31) there is no flooding in the campground.

“Right now we are just watching predictions and planning accordingly,” he said.

Further down the river at North Point Recreation Area near Pickstown, workers are trying to figure out which campsites will be underwater as water levels rise in the weeks to come.

“We don’t have any flooding as of yet, but we are expecting some,” said Jon Corey, district supervisor for North Point Recreation Area.

“Right now we are still trying to estimate which sites will be under water and let those people know who reserved them,” said Corey. “We will work with them to either get them a new campsite or refund their money.”

Some facilities in the campground will be sandbagged, and tarps may be used to cover playground areas, preventing them from having wood chips swept away.

Corey noted that White Swan, Pease Creek, North Wheeler, Randall Creek and South Whetstone campgrounds should not be affected.

According to Corey, the Whetstone boat ramp will be adjusted to a higher water level sometime this week, and the facilities at South Scalp boat ramp may be taken out.

The Snake Creek Campground, located 14 miles west of Platte along state Highway 44, has seen no impact from the raging Missouri River — so far, that is.

“We aren’t having any issues here at all at the present time,” said campground manager Dave Enke. “We are looking very closely at the information being provided by the Corps of Engineers.”

Enke said based on Corps forecasts, there may be some minor flooding at the campground, which is located on the east side of the river, later this month.

Regional Parks Supervisor Jeff VanMeeteren said his office has yet to make a decision on if the Springfield Recreation Area will close during flooding.

VanMeeteren said his office is working with the city of Springfield to get elevations and see if sandbagging the access road to the recreation area would be a viable option.

“We have got a little time right now and we are frantically trying to do the math so we can try to keep that area open,” VanMeeteren said.


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