State Official Slams ‘RV Park’ Development

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Some residents of a Manson, Wash., recreational vehicle park may have to move their homes or tear down their porches as a result of a ruling last week by a Chelan County hearing examiner, The Wenatchee World reported.

The ruling concerns ongoing building code violations in the Vista del Lago RV Park, 1000 E. Wapato Way, on Lake Chelan in the north central part of the state. Problems began more than a decade ago when complaints led to inspections revealing the violations, in some cases blatant, said Chelan County Commissioner Doug England.

“They’ve come back to us twice to ask for modifications and in both cases they’ve ingnored what we’ve said so I think Andy (Hearing Examiner Andrew Kottkamp) came down pretty hard on them,” England said.

In his June 14 findings, Kottkamp ruled that the park was developed in 1993 as an RV resort and not as the permanent housing development that it has become.

Kottkamp’s rulings were in regard to an application of amendments to zone and building code submitted by the Vista del Lago Homeowners Association to allow permanent residential structures in the park. All of the approximately 80 lots are now owned by individuals, rather than leased. Selling the lots was never authorized for the development, Kottkamp said.

Kottkamp said the county has denied that request previously and now the association is seeking “after-the-fact” approval for permanent structures already built or placed on the lots. He found that mobile homes and manufactured homes have been placed in the park in direct violation of county code.

Kottkamp denied requests to allow the existing 20 doublewide mobile and manufactured homes. He did, however, grant the request to allow “Chelan rooms” including porches and decks, as long at they are not permanent and the combined square footage of the room and the trailer do not exceed 900 square feet. Those larger will have to be removed or modified, he said.

All permanent residential structure on the site are to be removed, he ruled. He also denied requests for after-the-fact building permits or waiving of penalties and fees.

England said is now up to the homeowners’ association to carry out the rulings or file an appeal with Chelan County Superior Court.


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