Child Drowns in Ohio Campground Pool

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A 5-year-old girl has died after she was pulled unconscious from a swimming pool Sunday (June 5) in Champion, Ohio.

It happened at the Willow Lake Park campground and swimming area, where Unique Moore was with family when she apparently slipped beneath the surface. Ironically, she was discovered after another family reported their child, a boy, missing and patrons formed a “human chain” to search the pool area.

“Everyone just stands next to each other and you hold hands and you just walk cause the place is so busy. And you can’t see to the bottom clearly, so you just hold hands and you walk,” said Cassie Crytzer, who was with friends at the pool on Sunday afternoon.

Even 24 hours later, Crytzer still got emotional talking about it.

“We started to walk down and the guy next to me said ‘I found him.’ He swoops up, picks it up, it’s a little girl and so they rush her over. They worked on her for a good 15 minutes before the ambulance got there,” Crytzer said.

Crytzer said the boy thought to be missing was found a short time later in another part of the park safe and sound. Searchers found Unique in about 3 or 4 feet of water. They said she was unconscious and unresponsive.

Champion paramedics were able to revive her at the scene and she was taken to St. Joseph Health Center and later flown to Akron Children’s Hospital. She passed away early Monday morning, according to family members.

Champion police said they are working to interview the lifeguards who were on duty at the time as well as eyewitnesses to piece together what happened. At this point, they’re considering the drowning to be a terrible accident.

In the meantime, Crytzer, who has a toddler of her own, said it only takes a second for tragedy to occur.

“You have to keep an eye on, you know, your child at all times. And even 12-year-olds or something older, you think you know they’re going to be fine but it just takes a second, you know,” Crytzer said. Crytzer said lifeguards were on duty at the time, but pool workers also frequently remind parents to keep an eye on their children.

“Every I think 7 feet or so there are lifeguards patrolling all the time but when there are so many people and especially if there isn’t a big struggle, it’s hard to find everyone,” Crytzer said.


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