Floodwaters Encroach on Campground

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High waters are creating messy conditions at a campground in Outagamie County on Friday (June 24).

Parts of the Rivers Edge Camping and Tubing Resort on County Road F north of Shiocton were under water Friday, WBAY-TV, Green Bay, Wis., reported.

Campground officials say they have already had to pull out four trailers because of the water rising at times as fast as two inches an hour.

There’s a swift current through the forest. A tree that’s usually landlocked 20 feet from the river was surrounded by water three to four feet deep.

Touring the campgrounds, we found campers on paddle boats where there was ground just a few hours earlier, making the best out of a bad situation.

“There’s actually a current back there and it pulls you around. It’s kind of hard. We picked up an LP tank that was floating around someone’s camper,” Jake Van Allen said.

“I see a lot of water. It’s just ridiculous. I’ve never seen it like this before,” camper Bob Kohls said.

Since nobody’s heard of any major damage yet, people here say it’s a good chance to enjoy a rare event that will go down in history.

“It’s actually neat looking. I mean, when you look at it, the only thing that makes you feel OK about it is that you know it’s going to be gone by the middle of next week. This will all be gone and it will be over with and it will be just a story to tell amongst friends,” Rivers Edge’s Steve Pari said.

With the river expected to keep rising, campers even on higher ground say they’ll keep a close eye on the water overnight.


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