‘Residents’ Must Leave California RV Park

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An Oceano RV park is being sold to an Arizona developer, now many long-term residents are being told they have to go, KSBY-TV, San Lios Obispo, Calif., reported.

It’s happening at the Ocean Breeze RV Park in the 300 block of Pier Avenue.

The developer, Pismo Plus LLC, said it plans to upgrade the park and open it up to vacationers. But, many people living there are angry they were never notified.

“We don’t have any place to go, this right here is our last resource,” said Jerry Augustine.

He’s been living at the Ocean Breeze RV Park for three years. He has two kids, recently had a stroke, and lives on a fixed income. His rental agreement is up at the end of July.

“I pray each day, each day,” he said.

Jerry is one of dozens of people who will not be able to stay. Now, they say they’re desperate to find somewhere to live, quickly. Some only have a matter of weeks. Ocean Breeze grants rental agreements for a maximum period of six months. Many residents have been renewing those agreements for years. When they went to renew the latest time, they were told they have to live somewhere else.

“It’s hard, it’s hard, because I have kids,” said Augustine.

What angers many living at Ocean Breeze, is the lack of communication. They say neither Pismo Plus or the current owner has notified those living there of the impending sale.

“I’ve been given no notification other than word of mouth,” said Michael Pard. He needs to be out by mid July.

“That’s all we’re asking for, just a little bit of notice to give us a chance,” said Kathy Lindsay. She’s been living at Ocean Breeze for 13 years. She needs to be out by mid July.

Many residents live on fixed incomes or are disabled. They say finding a place to live at the height of the season, with an old trailer… is next to impossible.

“There is no option. There is absolutely no option,” said one long-term resident.

The owner would not return calls or answer her door, but we did speak with a representative for Pismo Plus.

Ron Edmondson moved into Ocean Breeze late last week to oversee the transition.

“We plan to honor all of our legal agreements with them. We’re not asking anyone to leave, we’re not evicting anyone,” he said. They’re simply not renewing any rental agreements. Right now, plans for the new park include space for short-term vacationers, instead of long-term residents. He says Pismo Plus plans to put thousands into upgrading the RV park, which is in serious need of repair.

He said Pismo wanted to wait to notify residents, until the sale was final.

“There hasn’t been any time for advanced notification,” said Edmondson. “We hope we’ll have a very nice facility for Oceano when it’s all finished.”


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