Nebraska RV Park Helps Workers Avoid Long Commute

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Flooding along the Missouri River has closed a bunch of roads that people use to cross it, including Highway 2 into Nebraska City, Neb..

Because of the closure, some drivers are staying at an RV park, instead of commuting hours every day, KMTV-TV, Omaha, Neb., reported.

People we spoke to say it’s not an easy situation; but that it would take some of them two or three hours to drive to work.

One man says he’s stayed at Victorian Acres RV Park for a few weeks now.

People are living on the campground to put food on the table, while leaving loved ones behind. Some are still able to make it home on occasion.

“I make the trip back every weekend. I’d do that at all costs, but the day to day thing, you can’t make the drive,” Brian Harris said.

“I have family at home, I have two kids and a husband, and I’m here,” Gidget Hammers said.

Phyllis and Bill Meisenheimer say they go to church in Hamburg, and that is now a 142-mile drive roundtrip.

It took our crew an hour and 20 minutes to go from Sidney, Iowa to Nebraska City.

If Highway 2 were open, that drive could be made in about 30 minutes.


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