Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo Moved Up by a Day

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New dates: Nov. 10-12

Producers of the Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo II have shifted the dates of the upcoming Expo by one day running the virtual show on Thursday, Nov. 10, and Friday, Nov. 11. The shift is in part to the realization that as an exclusively online event attendees and exhibitors will not be at their places of business on Saturday, Nov. 12.

“it’s entirely acceptable for a physical trade show to take place over a weekend but not at all appropriate when you expect exhibitors to man their computers at their place of business for a virtual event,” remarked show producer Art Lieberman in a news release. “I was so anxious to take advantage of the November 11th (11-11-11) date as an opening for our second Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo that I continued to think like the producer of a physical event, rather than the producer of an event conducted entirely on the Internet.”

The show’s software provider, VCopious, easily shifted the dates. Lieberman and associate producer Deanne Bower were gratified that the Virtual Expo II is not a physical show which, if it had to be moved, would have caused huge difficulties.

Bower stated somewhat whimsically that they would have “had to notify the venue, the show dresser, the host hotel and their shuttle buses, the security personnel and more. “This change,” Bower added, “merely required that we change the website, the agreements and notify confirmed sponsors and exhibitors of the date shift.”

This change also gives the producers, other exhibitors and attendees time for preparation and travel to the Leisure Systems Inc. Symposium which opens on Nov. 13 in Covington, Ky.

The Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo will open at 12 noon EST both days and the expo will be accessible to attendees for 60 days thereafter in the on-demand mode.


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  1. Brian Schaeffer on June 14th, 2011 1:04 pm

    Friday afternoon isn’t much better for parks checking in weekend guests. If you follow when email blasts (online marketing) is most effective – that is Monday and Tuesday. Oh well. . .