Volunteers Sandbag Missouri River to Save RV Park

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Homeowners in Yankton, S.D., continue to do whatever they can to protect themselves before Gavin’s Point Dam starts releasing more water, KSFY-TV, Sioux Falls, S.D., reported.

Volunteers continue to sandbag the shoreline of the Missouri River in hopes of preventing the water from getting into homes.

Larson’s Landing RV Park has become ground zero as everyday citizens work tirelessly to get sandbag walls in place and residents are amazed at the turnout.

“Look at the volunteers, it’s absolutely amazing I can’t believe people are out here helping us,” said Linda Larson.

These volunteers are working hard as if it was their own homes at risk.

“Pretty much just giving back to the community because if I lived down here I’d want people to volunteer also,” said volunteer Keith Martinez.

Others are taking time off from their jobs to make sure the work gets done.

“We’ve got a shop up in Yankton and we shut it down for half of the day to help these people out, the water’s supposed to come up quick.” Saidly,” said  volunteer Tim Pulice.

The water is expected to rise around five feet so these crews are constructing a wall high enough to protect homeowners in the park.

Many have already left their homes for higher ground.

Larry Wardell was going to stick it out, but is now having second thoughts.

“To be honest I’m not too optimistic about it, I’ve lived near water my whole life and I know it looks peaceful but then you wake up and it’s at your doorstep.” Said Wardell

Wardell spent the day moving everything out of his home of 11 years and his daughter’s home across the street.

Only a handful of residents remain and the park’s owner is preparing herself for the worst.

“All of our hard work with our RV park will be gone, we’ve taken off decks and stuff and it’s hard to see that because this is something Doug and I have dreamed of forever,” said Larson.

For now all the Larsons can do is watch the sandbag wall continue to grow and pray the hard work of volunteers pays off.


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