Yankton Park Owner Watches Life’s Work Wash Away

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Doug Larson has called Larson’s Landing, near Yankton, S.D., home for 30 years. Now, he’s forced to watch his home and business wash away in a matter of days, KTIV-TV, Sioux City, Iowa, reported.

Tenants have moved 45 of the landing’s 64 trailers away from the floodwaters of the Missouri River.

“I still have a couple down here. As soon as the septic tanks fail, they’ll be out of here. That’ll be tomorrow.”

Larson’s already out of his home.

“It’s gonna flood,” Larson concedes. “But, leaving wasn’t easy. It’s rough, real rough. We put a lot of work into here, and there it goes.”

His wife, Linda is trying to look on the bright side.

“I’m positive that I’m alive, and I have my motorhome, which I never thought I’d be thankful for. But, at least we have a place to live, and we can rebuild,” she said.

That’s right. When floodwaters recede, the Larsons plan to rebuild.

“I don’t think they can screw up that bad twice!,” Doug Larson said.

“They” is the Army Corps of Engineers, and record releases the agency ordered from upstream dams.

“I just hope it doesn’t go too long,” he added.

To make sure Larson has something to come back to, volunteers built a sandbag wall to make sure the sandy point Larson’s Landing is built on doesn’t wash away, completely.


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