ARVC’s Strategic Task Force Subcommittees Meet

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David L. Berg

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The three Strategic Planning Task Force Subcommittees for the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) met in June and are drafting recommendations to be sent along to the executive committee.

In February, on behalf of the ARVC Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), ARVC Chairman David L. Berg sent out a call to action seeking volunteers to serve on one of three task force sub-committees. The long-standing SPC, consisting of members of the executive committee as well as Woodall’s North American Campground Directory Publisher Ann Emerson of the Business Forum, will be responsible for compiling and presenting formal recommendations from each Strategic Planning Task Force Sub-Committee (SPT) to the full ARVC board for consideration.

Berg told Woodall’s Campground Management he is very pleased with progress thus far of each subcommittee and applauded the efforts of all their members.

“These are volunteer positions, and the level of time and effort these folks are putting in on behalf of all ARVC members is exemplary,” Berg told WCM. “It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with all of these folks as they share their view of how ARVC can be the best it can possibly be for all of its members.”

Final reports and recommendations are due to ARVC by this fall.

Subcommittees met at Normandy Farms in Foxboro, Mass., at ARVC’s Denver headquarters and at Camping on the Gulf Campground in Destin, Fla. “I have attended all of the meetings in an attempt to get them started and headed in a direction to accomplish the various goals and objectives they have been tasked with,” said Berg. “However, while I am participating in the discussions, it is in an advisory role only, I am not a voting member of these subcommittees.”

The subcommittees are focusing on state and national associations’ roles and responsibilities, communications and membership value.

“Each team has elected a team leader, who in turn is responsible for scheduling of meetings and keeping notes. The final list of recommendations will be put into a document and presented by the team leader to the ARVC Executive Committee, along with Business Forum members who act as the Strategic Planning Committee. This committee will review all of the recommendations, and then determine what should go before the full board for action. When the process has been completed, all recommendations shall be posted on the site for all of our members to see.”

Here’s a snapshot of all three subcommittees, with “SPC” standing for a member of the Strategic Planning Committee:

State and National Roles and Responsibilities Team Goal: To delineate duties and responsibilities of National ARVC and state associations and to determine possible structures of cooperation and efficiency that will advance the Outdoor Hospitality Industry. Team members:

  • Member Park: Mike Gurevich, CPO, Cherry Hill Park, Md., 400 sites.
  • Member Park: Mari Garland, CPO, Junction West RV, Colo., 70 sites.
  • CAMP: Debbie Sipe, California executive director.
  • CAMP: Bobby Cornwell, Florida executive director.
  • SPC: Rob Schutter, CPO, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park.
  • SPC: Paul Bambei, ARVC president/CEO.
  • Business Forum: Wade Elliott, Utility Supply Group.

Communications Planning Team Goal: To provide a communications plan that will keep member parks informed of all vital ARVC activity and opportunities and to provide a plan that is designed to connect National ARVC, state association, and members with continuity and mutual flow of information. Team members:

  • Member Park: Meaghan Bertram, CPO, Vineyard RV Park, Calif., 110 sites.
  • Member Park: Sheri Weber, Geneseo RV Park, Ill., 74 sites.
  • Member Park: Mary Arlington, CPO, High Plains Camping, Kan., 74 sites.
  • CAMP: Sharon Vennen, Louisiana association manager.
  • SPC: Marcia Galvin, CPO, Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort, Mass., 379 sites/Massachusetts executive director.
  • SPC: Mark Anderson, CPO, Camp Chautauqua, N.Y., 250 sites.
  • Business Forum: Lucas Hartford, Evergreen USA Insurance.

Membership Value Team Goal: To weigh the benefits of ARVC membership appropriate to the dues paid in order to determine the essential functions that ARVC should supply to each member, to illustrate how ARVC can provide the greatest value of membership to RV parks and campgrounds. Team members:

  • Member Park: Peter Brown, Lone Oak, Conn., 500 sites.
  • Member Park: Roger L. Thompson, CPO, Driftwood RV Park, Ore., 110 sites.
  • Member Park: Bud Styer, CPO, Smokey Hollow Campground, Wis., 250 sites.
  • Member Park: Ian Steyn, CPO, Castle Rock RV Park and Campground, Colo., 141 sites.
  • Member Park: Michael Gelfand, Terra Vista Management, Calif., 570 sites.
  • SPC: Patrick O’Neill, CPO, Camping on the Gulf, Fla., 200 sites.
  • Business Forum: Vic Nolting, (former large park owner), LSI.

Written recommendations from each SPC representative will be delivered to the SPC no later than Sept. 8. The SPC will make the recommendations from all three teams available to the ARVC membership and all participants of the SPT teams. The SPC will review all SPT reports and bring forth various recommendations to the full ARVC board of directors for action no later than the annual convention to be held Nov. 30-Dec. 2 in Savannah, Ga.

Each SPT consists of seven members serving at their own expense, typically made up of two SPC members, three ARVC member park owners, an executive director from an affiliated or cooperating state, and one member of the ARVC Business Forum. The three volunteer-only teams are scheduled to meet independently at various locations throughout the country through late June for a two-day, face-to-face work session.

Thereafter, each team will meet electronically as required. A team leader will be chosen by SPT members and will be the spokesperson for the team – reporting to the SPC and other SPT team leaders as necessary.


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