Heavy Rains Affecting Alberta Parks Too

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District campgrounds near Grand Prairie in western Alberta are treading water.

The recent rainfall has had an effect on attendance of local campgrounds and recreational parks, the Grand Prairie Daily Herald Tribune reported.

“It’s fairly significant,” said Scott Blake, Alberta Parks district team leader for Grande Prairie.

“It’s starting to pick up now a little bit since the sunshine is starting to come out.”

It’s an unusual year for parks in our area.

“During July and most of August, its been fairly consistently full for the last number of years,” he said.

“Definitely, a unusual year with the fires over in Slave Lake and we’ve had some parks flooded out.”

Simonette River Provincial Recreation Area and O’Brien Provincial Park have experienced floods over the past couple of weeks.

O’Brien has recently opened but Simonette will remain closed for the balance of the season, says Blake.

“With the flood we had to close the park (SRPRA), the silt and everything is quite significant,” said Blake.

Blake added the number of mosquitoes this year has been pretty bad.

It was the same story at Country Road RV Park near the city.

“The rain has been a real pain in the butt,” said manager Jason Halwa.

“But the American traffic seems to be up a little bit, which is odd.”

Even the number of people using the park while they work has slightly dropped, Halwa says.

“Lots of them came, started doing some work, then had to go because the rain was holding them up and they weren’t working.”


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