Herzogs Visit Minnesota RV Park

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The Herzog family

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They’re called the “Explore America Family.” For the past 12 years, this family of four has spent two months every summer in an RV traveling the country.

It all started 15 years ago when the couple decided to spend a year touring the country.

“We’d never set foot in an RV. We had never been to a national park. We just got married and we sort of felt like we wanted to sample life’s options before settling down,” Brad Herzog, author and traveler told KAAL-TV during a recent stopover in Rochester, Minn.

Since then, two kids came along, 10-year-old Luke and 9-year-old Jesse. For 12 Summers, the family has traveled the country writing about their experiences.

“We feel like an Indy pit crew. We all have our own things. We don’t have to talk. We just do our jobs. I supervise. I watch everybody,” the family explained.

Since their journey began, many things in the RV world have changed.

“Gas prices have fluctuated a lot over 12 years and they’re going down right now actually, but I don’t sweat gas prices, because the money we save by not having to pay for hotel rooms and restaurants,” said Brad Herzog, who travels on behalf of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) promoting the RV lifestyle.

The family says every night they save between $50-$150 by staying at an RV park which normally runs between $25 to $40 a day.

“There’s literally a new adventure around every corner when you’re taking this grand RV experience. It’s that anticipation that keeps you going and I think that really brings you together as a family,” Brad explained.

For the family, it’s their first time stopping in Rochester. It’s just one of a handful of places the family has never been to.

“Where haven’t we been to? Glacier National Park, Alaska, Hawaii. We could drive there,” son Luke joked.

Hawaii may be the only state the family won’t ever get to in an RV, but wherever there’s a road, the family says they’re bound and determined to one day drive on it.

We asked the family how their travel plans were effected by the state government shutdown.

They said they noticed a few rest stops were closed, but they typically don’t stop at them, because they like to stop and rest in small american towns.


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