Iowa Flood Victims Call State Park Campground ‘Home’

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At the start of May, Kenny Harvey complained to his wife, Michelle, that it had been far too long since the family embarked on a camping trip.

Now Harvey chuckles through clenched teeth when he thinks back, trying to conjure a shred of the longing he felt for this leafy seclusion away from home, the Des Moines Register reported.

At this point he doesn’t care whether he sees another campsite for years – whenever he manages to get out of this one in the southwest corner of Iowa.

The Harveys, of Percival, Iowa, now live among a cluster of Fremont County evacuees, crammed into a dozen bought, borrowed or rented RVs beyond the Missouri River floodwaters that forced them out of their homes and into a campground at Waubonsie State Park.

Welcome to Iowa’s newest small town on wheels, an ad-hoc community nestled in the Loess Hills, six miles south of Sidney and nine miles north of Hamburg. It lacks its own distinct name, so let’s call it Wearyville. Seems apt.

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