Prairie Breeze RV Park Shelters Flood Victims

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You usually buy a house to avoid paying rent. But many North Dakota displaced flood victims are having to pay for both, KXMB-TV, Bismarck, reported.

Cammie Enders lived in Misty Waters, N.D., for five years but her family is now living in the A Prairie Breeze RV Park near Menoken in central North Dakota since early June when Missouri River floodwaters threatened their home.

“My husband and I were stressing because mortgage and another rental place. It’s a place they looked at for a temporary place to stay, but now they may be here for the long haul,” she said. “A friend of my husband let us use their RV.”

Their home in the Misty Waters area was the first in the neighborhood to flood.

“We had a 5-, 6-foot dike around our house, but it came up the furnace, so after all the hard work, hauling in clay, the water still came in.”

Lee Enders interjected, “We saw water coming across the road, didn’t know how bad it would be, decided to get the heck out of there.”

Home has been rerouted to a full RV park that offers discounts to flood victims, and for Cammie, a job opportunity.

She and husband Lee are campground hosts.

As park hosts, the Enderses help campers find a spot, get registered and utilize all their hook-ups.

The discount for flood victims adds up to around $3 off per day, or around a hundred dollars off per month.

Cammie Enders added,  “I’ve always got something to do so that keeps me busy, get back in a routine.”

She says around 75% of campers here are displaced by flooding, but in the past week several have been able to start trickling back home. I have people switching from monthly to weekly…”

While everyone faces their own flood challenges, the Enderses are glad for what they’ve learned from others here, and the lesson they hope to pass on to their 12-year-old.

Lee Enders explained, “How to persevere and get through it, main thing, I took him out to the house yesterday and he hadn’t been over there in awhile, was able to get a few more things.”

Son Logan, age 12, said, “I just want to go back in and be in my house instead of living in a camper.”


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