Relief Coming for Flooded Larson’s Landing

July 28, 2011 by   - () Comments Off on Relief Coming for Flooded Larson’s Landing

Some relief is on the way for Larson’s Landing, the RV park located the Missouri River in Yankton, S.D., which has been inundated by floodwaters this summer, the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan reported.

The Army Corps of Engineers announced earlier this month it would reduce releases at Gavins Point Dam from 160,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 155,000 cfs Saturday (July 30), followed by a reduction to 150,000 cfs on Aug. 1. Current projections call for releases to remain at 150,000 cfs through Aug. 12.

Doug Larson, owner of Larson’s Landing, said he is looking forward to the lowered releases.

So far, the RV park has lost 17 of 22 mobile homes and 45 of 62 RV pads due to floodwaters.

“If it goes down to a 150,000, it will take a lot of pressure off my sandbags on the west side, which it’s going over right now,” he said.

While the slight decrease in water levels will help, Larson said he won’t be able to do much with the park just yet.

“Once they get it down to maybe 120,000, we can start cleaning some of the area,” he said. “It’ll go down about a foot when it gets to 150,000, but that isn’t enough to get it out of the park yet. When it gets down to 120,000, we should be able to get into part of the park and start cleaning that up.”


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