Today’s Campground Uses are Changing

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Click here to watch a video, courtesy of KXLH-TV, Helena, Mont., about the following story.

More and more campgrounds are providing rental accommodations so you no longer need a tent or RV to experience the fun activities in a campground setting.

Great Falls KOA Campground is one of more than 100 campgrounds across the country that features cabins on their grounds.

These cabins are offering new ways for groups to get together, whether it’s for family reunions, birthday parties or a work retreat.

Great Falls KOA Manager Joel Hunt says they’re seeing more locals come out for picnics or activities for just a day use at the campground.

Montana’s News Station spoke with a group of campers that were throwing a birthday party.

“This is the second year doing this,” Brenda Wierlier said, “I like the cabin, it’s comfortable. And there is no T.V., no music, its just family time.”

The cabins feature beds, bunks, a desk, lighting and a front porch swing.

Hunt says he is seeing more and more locals at the Great Falls KOA.

He said, “People are finding out that you don’t need to go out of town for this. We have excellent facilities here.”


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