Travel Resorts of America Eyes Park Expansion

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Tohickon Family Campground site

Travel Resorts of America wants to add a sales office, followed by a more long-term development plan for the Tohickon Family Campground, which sits along the Tohickon Creek at Sheard’s Mill Covered Bridge in eastern Pennsylvania, the Montgomery News, Port Washington, reported.

“It would include improvements to amenities that are already there, as well as they would like to add some cabins,” East Rockhill Township Manager Anne Klepfer said.

Under the township’s current rules, though, the cabins would not be allowed, East Rockhill Township Board of Supervisors Chairman John Cressman said.

“And certainly not in a flood plain,” Cressman said.

Cressman and Klepfer, who recently met with Travel Resorts of America representatives, outlined the plans at the July 12 township meeting.

“I think the concept and the idea is terrific,” board member Gary Volovnik said, but added he also remembers previous flooding at the campground and shares Cressman’s concerns.

“It’s beautiful down there, but when that rain comes in, it rises quickly,” Volovnik said.

Travel Resorts of America, which is a network of sites for vacationers traveling in recreation vehicles, is currently operating Tohickon Family Campground and has a lease/purchase agreement to take over ownership, Klepfer said.

“They said they think it’s an ideal place for tourism and attractions and places of peace and tranquility,” Klepfer said.

The Tohickon Family Campground website says it has more than 200 campsites on 64 acres and provides “an affordable relaxing destination for the whole family.”

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