Wheelhaus Inc. Park Models Now Green-Certified

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New "green certified" park model by Wheelhaus Inc., Etna, Wyo.

Just south of Jackson Hole, Wyo., the newly established Wheelhaus Inc. is building park models for a campground that  creates a “glamping-style” experience.

Wheelhaus park models have been Certified Green by TRA Certification. They are labeling their products with the Certified Green insignia and have reached the GOLD status, according to a news release.

Wheelhaus park models have an exterior siding, ceiling and skirting that is reclaimed wood from nearby Wyoming fences. Appliances are Energy Star, faucets are low‐flow and many of the materials are from local sources.

On‐site, Wheelhaus will be using all‐native plants that do not require excessive watering. This practice is referred to as “Xeriscaping.” These plants are low maintenance, saving huge amounts of water.

At the production facility in nearby Etna, computerized router machines maximize wood cuts and minimize waste. Any waste produced is used in the plant’s biomass furnace that heats the facility. Laser projectors create virtual jigs creating a pattern that ensures consistency and quality.

Look for the “Certified Green” labels on RVs to ensure a healthier and more sustainable product.

For more information on Wheelhaus park podels visit or For more information on green certification, visit or contact Mandy Leazenby at (800) 398‐9282.


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