Burglary Suspects May Seek Jobs as Workampers

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Editor’s Note: Charlie Curry, owner of the Toutle River RV Resort in Castle Rock, Wash., issued the following news release about a recent crime at his park.

The Toutle River RV Resort was burglarized Sunday Morning 8-21-11 at 5:17 AM. A substantial amount of Cash and business records were taken. It is important to say that NO Customer related records of any type are known to be taken or missing. Suspect’s had Keys and access to a highly secured area with excellent surveillance equipment. Suspects covered their faces for all obvious security cameras but were unaware of other cameras and have been positively identified by multiple park employees from video footage.

Wanted in conjunction with this burglary are Luke L Dietemyer, South Carolina Drivers Licence number 102530734 , approximately 5 ft 11 inch’s tall, clean cut, dark hair approx 175 lbs. Second individual identified as Jerod J Beyer, approx 5 ft 7 inch’s tall, 145 lbs, slightly balding with scruffy beard and some tattoos. Suspects may be traveling with Dietemyer’s wife whom was a trusted work camper and employee of the Resort and had access to keys, was well aware of all security procedures, and had full knowledge of the locations of all missing items. Suspects were in the building less that 5 minutes and went directly to the area where all missing items were taken. Suspects ignored all other valuable merchandise and video tape clearly indicates that they knew exactly where to look for stolen items.

Kelley M Dietemyer is a prime person of interest. Police questioned Kelley Dietemyer extensively whom they describe as uncooperative.

The group were traveling in a Ford diesel bonus cab pickup about 1992 or so, South Carolina Plate 459-8EQ Truck is silver over dark gray with long step boards. The truck is towing a Travel Trailer which the group had been living in. The Trailer is a late vintage Gulf Breeze 22 ft with a small pop out across the back. Trailer is a newer light weight style trailer with South Carolina plate KT 17260. Trailer is white with some graphics, the back of truck was fairly loaded including a small boat.

Kelley Dietemyer has a new Washington State driver’s licence listing her address as the park’s address of 150 Happy Trails, Castle Rock WA 98611. Two children, a new born and a 16-month-old were traveling with Kelley as well as Kelley’s mother when they left our park. The group may be traveling south on Interstate 5 and at one time had mentioned possible employment in the Salem, Ore., area. Upon questioning, Kelley Dietemyer also stated that she was going to look into the legality of the work camper program and may try to bring action against our park or otherwise have the park penalized stating that she believed that the work camper program may not be legal.

We are asking all parks to please watch for this group. They may be seeking work as work campers. If male suspects are seen please call the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office immediately at (360) 577-3092 and reference case number 11-10583. If you have any other information please call Toutle River RV Resort at (360) 274-7915.


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