Canadian Campground Struggles to Keep Open

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Eight months after putting a hold on enforcement action that could have shut down Maple Pool Campground, the city council in Courtenay, British Columbia, has now launched legal proceedings to resolve the issue, the Comox Valley Echo reported.

Last December, the council was on the verge of taking action to get the site into conformance with city bylaws. Without conformance, the campground ran the risk of being closed.

But at the time, councillors feared that might mean turfing out (evicting) low income tenants living in trailers – and increasing the number of homeless people in the Valley in the middle of winter.

So they moved the proposed backstop date for compliance from Jan. 31 to July 31.

But an extra month has now passed since the new deadline came and went.

And City Mayor Greg Phelps said no plan had been produced by the site owners or their representatives to put matters in order.

“We bent over backwards to give them an extension of time to come up with a plan, but they have thrown this back in our face,” said Phelps.

“There has been a half-hearted attempt to come up with an idea, but nothing official. You can’t just walk in with things scrawled on a napkin.

“We have to treat them like anyone else – there is a process. We’re tried hard to be helpful, but it’s not working.”

As legal steps are now being pursued, it would be inappropriate to go in to any more detail, said Phelps. But he insisted taking such action was not the city’s choice, but that of the owners.

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