County Eases RV Park Permitting Process

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The Burke County commissioners in Morganton, N.C., eased the process for manufactured housing parks that want permits to allow RVs. But not before lengthy debate, the Morganton News Herald reported.

During a public hearing on Tuesday (Aug. 16), Jesse Fisher, a manufactured home park owner, implored commissioners to approve his request to allow RVs within manufactured-home parks. Arguing that major construction projects at Broughton Hospital, on Interstate 40 at South Sterling Street and at the upcoming Morganton Heights shopping center will bring in temporary construction workers, Fisher said RVs are the preferred method of travel for those workers.

The county Planning Board recommended denying the request for several reasons, Berley said. The planning board was worried about the potential for owners to purchase RVs and place them in manufactured home parks permanently where RVs do not meet the appearance standards of a manufactured home. The board said other temporary-home alternatives exist in the county. Also, a possible solution exists for owners of manufactured-home parks.

The solution would be to apply for an RV park permit for a portion of the park, if manufactured parks have enough space, while reserving a second section for manufactured homes, Berley said.

Fisher objected, because it costs $425 to go through the process.

Berley said the $425 includes the cost of advertising required for the subsequent public hearings.

Vice Chairman Bruce Hawkins made a motion to deny the request, but Commissioner Maynard Taylor proposed an amendment to reduce the fee for any existing manufactured homes park that wants to pursue an RV park permit.

The board unanimously approved the motion.


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