Florida Mom Begs Her Fugitive Kids to Surrender

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Florida siblings wanted for Southern crime spree.

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Barbara Bell, the mother of three fugitives, is pleading with her children to turn themselves in.

Bell’s neighbor, who lives in St. John’s Campground  on U.S. 17 in East Palatka, Fla., said Monday that she is a generous woman with children who seemed “well-adjusted.”

Bell’s children, Ryan Edward Dougherty, Lee Grace Dougherty, and Dylan Dougherty Stanley, are in their 20s and are from the Tampa area. They are accused of going on a crime spree, shooting at a police officer in Zephyrhills, Fla., and holding up a bank with AK47s in Valdosta, Ga.

Over the weekend, Bell spoke with the ABC affiliate in Tampa – but did not want to show her face.

“Only mom knows what good people you are inside,” she said. “Please prove me right and everybody wrong by doing the right thing now and turn yourselves in.”

Monday, no one answered Bell’s door.

Judy Holman, one of Bell’s neighbors, said, “As far as I know Barbara would go the extra mile for anyone. She’s always done me so kind.”

Holman’s not surprised to hear Bell pleading with her children to do the right thing, she said.

“She would want them to get help. She wouldn’t want to see them get hurt. They’ve got to have some good in them somewhere because she’s a wonderful person.”

A spokesperson at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said he does not want to comment on whether officers are staking out the home – or not. There is no indication or solid information that the fugitives are heading to Putnam County, he said.

Over the weekend, Bell sent a message to her children saying, “So far, no one has been physically harmed. The good thing possible to do is to turn yourselves in. I love you.”

When asked if she thought the children would come to East Palatka, Holman said. “I have no idea. You never know now. Like I said, I don’t know about the kids except they seem to be well adjusted, good kids.”


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