Florida ‘Pure Trust’ Touter Tells His Story in Jail

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While in the Hernando County, Fla., jail for contempt of court in January 2010, Jacob-Franz Dyck explained to Hernando County’s attorney Jon Jouben how he tries to help people facing foreclosure by putting their real estate into “pure trusts” that are protected by “land patents.”

Specifically in 2006, he came to Florida to help Kim Clayton Perry, the owner of Mary’s Fish Camp, a 27-unit RV Park in Hernando County, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported.

Since 2001, Perry had been fighting with Hernando County for the right to expand his RV park onto adjacent land. But the county stopped him because he did not have adequate sewage treatment and no permit. Perry put in a new sewage treatment system but still could not get the permit.

Dyck’s solution to all this was to put Mary’s Fish Camp and an adjacent parcel into a “pure trust” protected by a “land patent,” which would supposedly allow Dyck to do whatever he wanted without having to get government permission.

Hernando County did not buy Dyck’s legal arguments and threw him in jail when he refused to cooperate with court dictates.

To read excerpts from the deposition Dyck provided while in jail, click here.


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