Geocaching Gains Traction at Private Parks

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Geocaching is one of many activities available at this Nevada RV resort.

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Many times I have blogged about the benefits of adding Geocaching ( to your list of RVing activities. Now private RV parks are discovering what you and I already know, that geocaching is good clean fun for the whole family.

Leia Simmons, manager of Walker River Resort in Smith Valley, Nev., says, ”We let people hide stuff on our property.”

The resort includes geocaching as one of the many activities you can enjoy at their park.

Campground Owners of New York included geocaching in this year’s promotion efforts. RVers are encouraged to pick up a free “Passport to Fun” at participating campgrounds. Guests find hidden coins at the parks using their GPS receivers and get their passports stamped. Prizes are awarded for those with five stamps or more in their passport. Campers looking for something to do along with hardcore geocachers hail the promotion a great success.

Geocaching can spice up any family RV vacation and soon you may find one in your favorite RV park.

Geocaching, just another adventure in RVing!


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