Go RVing Generating Leads and Awareness

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The Go RVing ads are continuing to produce solid results in a faltering economy, with consumer leads through mid-August up 18% over last year at this time, RV Today Express reported.

A total of just over 113,000 consumer leads has been generated to date since January, offering participating dealers, campground and manufacturers access to potential customers who’ve requested more information since seeing the ads. Leads are now being ranked by likelihood to buy, enabling industry users to follow up more cost-efficiently and effectively.

Manufacturer use of the leads has risen 28% since the new Leads-Plus ranking program was introduced, as more companies download leads to distribute to their dealer body. The number of dealers signing up individually for the campaign tie-in program has risen approximately 8% this year.

Of the 80,000 leads ranked since the Leads-Plus program was launched, 60% have fallen into the “likely to buy” categories: 5% highly likely, 17% likely and 38% moderately likely to buy.

Go RVing’s 2011 media buy continues through September on leading Internet sites and cable networks, continuing to generate both leads and awareness. As the fifteenth year of the advertising initiative comes to an end, RV ownership has grown to a record 8.9 million households with the biggest increases among buyers aged 35-54 – Go RVing’s target.

New ads now in production to launch in 2012 continue to take aim at families with children. The new ads will be unveiled at the Outlook opening breakfast of the Ntitonal RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., Nov. 29.


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