MACO Presents Check for Campground’s Recovery

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Les and Meg Twarowski (center) hold the check presented to them on Thursday by Marcia Galvin (second from right) and Michelle Ackerman (right) on behalf of the Massachusetts Association of Campground Owners to held them rebuild their campground.

Marcia Galvin, executive director of the Massachusetts Association of Campground Owners (MACO), shares the latest developments in the ongoing effort to help resurrect Village Green Family Campground in Brimfield, Mass., from the tornado that decimated it on June 1. Photos from the event and excerpts from her e-mail follow:

I wanted to share the results of our of the fantastic fundraiser we had for Village Green! At our board meeting yesterday, MACO presented the Twarowski Family with a check for $13,318.00! We are so grateful to all those who sent them their donations! It brought tears to their eyes and left them speechless.

When they finally could speak, Meg said, “But we’re just a small mom and pop operation.”

They couldn’t believe how many people cared. We gave them a “green” box that held the checks and personal notes that most of the parks included. On the top of the box was the first dollar given by one of their employees, Ed, who survived the tornado. Some parks sent in a donation based on the number of sites and some held raffles at their parks. There was even a $20 bill from a 13-year-old boy who just felt bad.

They shared a story about an 8-year-old girl from Brimfield who camps in Connecticut. This girl made hair pieces and sold them at her campground. She brought them a jar of coins totaling $68 from the proceeds. They are just so humbled.

The board of directors of MACO presented them with another gift of “green;” an 8-foot arborvitaes tree for them to plant at their campground as all the trees but one were destroyed.

What's left of many of the trees leveled by the June 1 tornado.

We were very pleased that Meg and Les’ State House Representative, Todd Smola, was able to join us at the presentation. Following our presentation to them, Rep. Smola presented MACO with an official citation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives recognizing our fundraising efforts for Village Green.

I just want to send out a heart-felt thank you to the over 50 individual parks, associations, businesses that helped give this gift on behalf of the camping industry! We are also happy to announce that the board unanimously voted Meg Twarowski to the board of directors of MACO.

A copy of her script follows.

Meg, Les, Rep. Smola & Members of MACO

Thank you for attending our MACO meeting today. We know how much work you have to do and we are pleased you could pull yourself away!

Meg & Les,

It’s amazing how you can manage a smile day in and day out. We have seen what you have suffered physically at the campground but what we don’t see is all the emotional stress you must be dealing with. MACO decided to try to give something back to you to help put some of your worries to ease. We started a July 4th fundraiser that was sent to all our 77 member parks. Who would have known what would happen next.

The fundraiser then went regional to all of the 11 state members of NCA, and then went National through ARVC to over 3400 parks, business associates and state associations.

Sometimes we wonder why we should belong to MACO, we question “What is MACO doing for Me?” I could give you a number of answers because that’s my job BUT let me give you one from the heart- WE CARE!

Rebuilding of the pavilion at Village Green Family Campground is underway.

We pull together in times of need, we celebrate joys, we compare notes, and we talk SEWER! MACO members can count on each other; we aren’t in competition which is unique to any other organization.

I am here today wearing all my hats.

Campground operator

Executive Director for MACO

You’re Representative on the Board of Directors for ARVC

2nd Vice Chairman for ARVC

To award you the proceeds of this fundraiser that spanned the nation and to thank all those who felt your pain, if even vicariously, and paid it forward.

Meg & Les- can you come forward?

Our first gift is from the BOD of MACO. We want to give you some “green” to put back into Village Green. Please accept this gift of an Arborvitaes Tree to plant and watch grow in your park.

Our second gift gives me great pleasure and goose bumps. Please accept this “green” to help put back the “green” in Village Green Family Campground.

We present to you this gift of $13,318.00 from MACO and friends of NCA and ARVC.


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