Media Hound Florida Campground for Mom’s Comments

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Reporters continued visiting an East Palatka, Fla., campground Wednesday (Aug. 10) hoping to interview the mother of three siblings wanted by state and local authorities.

But Barbara Bell sought a low profile even before the trio was arrested in Colorado.

“I’m sorry,” Bell told an Associated Press reporter who called her Wednesday. “I’m making no comment at this time. Bye.”

Television news trucks, meanwhile, have been regular visitors recently to the St. Johns Campground on U.S. 17, even parking in the median of the highway on Thursday.

Cris Keller, the campground’s owner, says he has fielded some 30 inquiries from media outlets seeking to contact Bell.

“I have cards from ABC, “Good Morning America” and others that want to speak with her,” Keller said.

Numerous reporters and camera crews have knocked on her trailer door but she refuses to answer, he added.

Some out-of-town media were persistent, according to Keller.

“They even tried to sneak into the back of the campground and tore down a fence,” he said. “I threw them all out.”

Keller said Bell told him that she would give a statement to the media when she was ready.

Last week, Bell had urged the trio to give up before there was bloodshed.

The three siblings – Ryan Edward Dougherty, Lee Grace Dougherty and Dylan Dougherty Stanley – are accused of shooting at a Zephyrhills police officer, robbing a Georgia bank and fleeing to Colorado where they were captured Wednesday.

The Capture

CBS News reported that the trio were captured near Walsenburg in southern Colorado, crashing their vehicle on Interstate 25 after a short chase during which they fired shots at their pursuers.

Patrol Chief Col. James M. Wolfinbarger said someone reported a car matching the description about 9 a.m., and that troopers spotted the car south of Pueblo about a half-hour later. Troopers tried to stop the car, but the driver eluded them.

During the ensuing chase, the suspects fired shots at troopers, though troopers didn’t return fire. Wolfinbarger said the car crashed on Interstate 25 near an exit, but no details were available. He said the suspects were taken into custody, including one of whom was arrested after a foot chase.

Heather Cobbler, a spokesperson for the Colorado State Patrol, told CBS4 that at least one of the Dougherty siblings was hit by gunfire in the chase, but was suffering a non-life threatening injury. She could not verify injuries for the other suspects.

A weeklong nationwide search for the trio shifted to Colorado after the sighting in Colorado Springs where authorities say they believe the trio made a purchase at an outdoors store and could be headed to a campground or rural area to try to avoid capture.


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