Outdoor Afro Creator Plans Sierra Nevada Campout

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Rue Mapp

Rue Mapp, creator of the OutdoorAfro website, takes to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada when she travels with her nephew and three children for a three-day camping trip Aug. 12-14 at Ponderosa Resort in Lotus, Calif. and Ponderosa Resort are co-sponsoring her trip along with Auburn-based American River Sales and Rentals, which is supplying a teardrop trailer for Mapp’s use.

They are equally eager to learn of her experiences, and learn how they can expand their collective efforts to reach out to the African-American community and get them involved in the Great Outdoors, according to a story in the current edition of “Wednesday Morning Coffee Talk & Updates.”

Mapp plans to do live tweeting, blogging and videotaping of her trip so that the roughly 7,000 African-American members of can follow her and share in her experiences.

“This will be a deliberate application of social media to talk about a real experience and how the camping and RV industries can use social media to get African Americans and others involved in the various outdoor opportunities that are available,” Mapp said.


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