Outdoor Afro’s Camping Trip Deemed a Great Success

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Rue Mapp founder Rue Mapp, her three children and nephew took their first RV trip Aug. 12-14 at the Ponderosa RV Resort in Northern California.

What a trip for the 39-year-old community servant, who’s raising awareness of the beauty of the outdoors to the nation’s African-Americans via her website and outdoor activities promoted on it.

Promoting the outdoors to African-Americans has become her life goal, and she’s working hand-in-hand with the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC) to make this happen. The August trip was the first of four she plans to showcase camping in California in each of the four seasons and to show that RVing can be a year-round experience.

“My kids have been camping since the womb but this is the first time we ever tried RV camping and stayed in an RV park,” she told Woodall’s Campground Management.

Enter American River Sales in Auburn, which donated a teardrop trailer rental for the weekend. Mapp took her family gold panning, visited the local Gold Discovery Museum and even took her teenage son Seth river rafting. Throughout the weekend, she Tweeted, uploaded photos to Facebook and blogged about the family’s experiences. All told, her social media contacts exceed 7,000 each month and is growing.

Mapp found at Ponderosa RV Resort “an instant sense of community among fellow campers, a lot of people enjoying this balance between their creature comforts and exploring nature.”

In essence, this is precisely what she is trying to show to the nation’s black community, which underuses outdoor recreation sites like RV parks and campgrounds. She was not surprised that she and her family were the only black campers at Ponderosa all weekend, but she discovered a pleasant surprise during her weekend.

To read her blog about this adventure, click here.

About Rue Mapp:

Mapp is a program officer for the Stewardship Council in the San Francisco Bay area. The council provides funding to help youngsters enjoy the outdoors. Mapp also serves on a National Parks Advisory Committee studying diversity. She enjoys all types of outdoor recreation. A former employee of the Audubon Society, she is a birder and has more than 100 birds  on her life list. She also is the founder of, a website dedicated to guiding blacks to enjoy the outdoors. “Everything I do in my life, from recreation to Outdoor Afro is all about connecting kids to nature. It is a blessing to have a life filled with things I love to do.”


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